Farmers depend on Cummins to power every kind of agricultural equipment imaginable, from tractors to self-propelled sprayers to irrigation pumps and pivot irrigators to harvesters and more. And Cummins’ engine experts work closely with OEM installation engineers to ensure best possible performance in each and every piece of equipment. Built on a heritage of reliability and durability, Cummins Quantum electronic engines take owners to a whole new level of power, versatility and emissions control, while a range of mechanical engines is also offered for simplicity while delivering clean, dependable power.

Agriculture engines for OEM :
Tractors, Rice Harvesters, Sugarcane Harvesters, Sprayers

Cummins Agriculture engines for OEM manufacturers : Tractors, Rice Harvesters, Sugarcane Harvesters, Sprayers

If you are an OEM manufacturer of agricultural machinery such as tractors, rice harvesters, sugar cane harvesters, sprayers, you need a high-performance engine that is consistently good and able to take on the load and challenges in the farm area. Your machinery must face whether the viscosity from the mud, mired into muddy soil due to machine’s weight plus product load large, Large harvest area, Field’s processes or activities that require load from the engine such as winnowing, kneading, hooking, pulling, including fuel cost concern of the each trips to store agriculture products and  back to redo activities until it is finished that’s you would need an engine that can overcome those challenges and help your customers get the most out of your machines.

Cummins engines are developed to support a wide range of agricultural operations. Our engines are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the size of your machine. We have the power of the engine, both under low workload. to high workloads to make your work highly efficient can harvest a lot of produce per trip on low fuel costs and with cleaner environmental emissions. with spare parts and spare parts and basic maintenance recommendations so your technicians can provide end-customer support faster and have a better experience with you.

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