Genuine Cummins Components

Only Genuine. Because It Matters.

Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins engine – but they aren’t built or remanufactured using the same procedures or materials, to Cummins exact specifications. Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts are guaranteed to fit right and work right. They include the latest upgrades in design, materials, and manufacturing technology — and are backed by Cummins with 100% coverage on parts, labor and progressive damage.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in durability, reliability, performance and long-term value, the choice is Genuine Cummins parts. Nothing works better or lasts longer.

When considering a replacement part, it’s important to know the difference between a part that is remanufactured and one that is repaired. A typical engine shop repairs a part or engine by replacing components that are obviously broken or malfunctioning, missing other worn parts. In contrast, Cummins ReCon parts go through a rigorous 5-step remanufacturing process, with complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, restoration and testing to ensure that they meet – or exceed – original performance specifications.


Every Part. Genuine.

Cummins DKSH (Thailand) Limited is one and only authorized distributor in Thailand sources you for Genuine Cummins Parts, bringing you the quality and serve your different needs that come to expect from Cummins. These are our solutions for you:

  • Genuine Cummins Parts for Cummins Engines  (New and ReCon)
  • Genuine Cummins Parts for Cummins Engines  (New and ReCon)
  • Fleetguard Filtration (air, coolant, fuel, lube, hydraulic)
  • Cummins Emission Solutions
  • Valvoline Premium Blue Lubricants

In addition to a vast inventory that’s stocked in our branch locations, we can also provide technical expertise to help expedite your repairs and get back to work.

Why Only Buy Genuine?

Appearances can be deceiving. This is especially true when it comes to critical parts for your engine. Injectors may look similar to one another, but closer inspection will reveal that there are dramatic differences between a non-genuine “will fit” part and a Genuine Cummins part.

All Genuine Cummins parts are designed to meet the Cummins specifications required for each application, because the differences in design, tolerances, craftsmanship, and quality of materials used in a non-genuine part can lead to catastrophic engine failures.

Genuine Cummins Parts Feature:

  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art Cummins design technology and advanced materials
  • Improved engine performance and longer life between overhauls
  • Built and tested to original equipment specifications
  • Prevention of engine damage that can be caused by non-genuine parts
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage

Our Cummins DKSH (Vietnam) Sales and Service Team can provide you with a complete solution for all components and parts of your certain engines or power generators. The only way to protect your goods is to always select Genuine Cummins.

If you need help purchasing genuine components, spare parts, filters, lubricant oil or any consumables  from Cummins, contact our sales staff today, Call (+84) 28 3813 4124. or click the button below for more information.

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