Power Generators for livestock business

How does Power Generator work and relate to in Livestock Farming?

Livestock farming refers to activities in which economic animals are domesticated for the purpose of work or food. It may refer to all four-footed animals such as cows, horses, goats , sheep, pigs, and poultry such as ducks and chickens.

Since animals are living beings, it implies that appropriate management must be provided, and their quality of life should be taken to account. The main factors including food, water, light (electric light), temperature, and health cannot be overlooked. According to the regulated standards of the Department of Livestock Development and GAP: Good Agriculture Practices*, there are regulations used to regulate good practice regarding chicken farms (both laying hens and broilers), especially in the part of #houses as follows:

  • The location of the rearing house must be in a suitable environment, far from chemical sources, physical contaminants, and other avian species.
  • Food and water storage areas should be hygienic, and drinking water should be clean.
  • Proper lighting intensity should be around 10 lux*, and suitable periods of darkness should be provided.
  • Sufficient space should be provided to allow chickens to move and to avoid injury.
  • Continuous ventilation system that is suitable for different seasons should be provided.
  • Appropriate temperature and humidity should be controlled according to the lifespan of chickens and seasons.
  • Gas levels must be managed to prevent excessive amounts of ammonia/carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide. Additionally, the practices such as cleaning and disinfection, disease control, and emergency alerts should be properly conducted.

When the scale of poultry farming area is not just for 10-20 chickens but 1,000 to 100,000.  Apart from the poultry house, the need for electricity extends beyond the poultry house.

Within the farm, there are many buildings and activities that require more electrical power. This includes ventilation fans, lighting systems, blowers, automated feeding and watering systems, water pumps for drinking and cleaning, food storage rooms, medication refrigeration, etc. It needs to ensure that there is a sufficient and reliable power supply for areas that pose risks to the animals lives and the business that may encounter significant losses.

Now, can you imagine how power generator work and relate to livestock farming The answer is everything related to electricity. So, the same power generator cannot be applied…in all cases.

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