Residential Properties

At present, we could find a growing number of condominiums with hundreds of units in both urban and provincial areas. That’s because of the higher in housing needs, having a family expansion, transportation issue, including modern lifestyles that require privacy living are all factors that facilitate the rapid expansion of residential buildings.

When a lot of people live in the same building inevitably means the higher demand for electricity which all residents expect to be able to consume electricity as much as they need. Therefore, it is essential that the Residential Properties Owners need to be concerned of their buildings design with adequate calculations of daily electricity consumption including the correct proportion of backup power systems according to the law* for the safety of life and properties of residents.

Residential Properties with different number of rooms or residents would need different load of power generators significantly to ensure the adequate consumption and for backup power system which the most suitable power generator is a generator that has been designed and calculated the power load that best meets the needs.

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