Educational Institutions

Educational institutions at various levels from kindergarten, high school to large universities with thousands of staff and students. When most forms of teaching today are not like in the past. Today’s these buildings are required adequate lighting, projectors are used to project teaching materials on screens instead of writing on boards, audio system is used for teaching, TV and monitors are being used for media in the form of animations, Teachers and students use computers 1-on-1 for learning, Air conditioners for adjusting the proper temperature for the classes, and many places have added a number of air purifiers for better hygiene for large groups of people. This is a simulated electricity demand for just one room, the actual electricity demand may need to be taken into account for the total actual classrooms of each educational institution, not forget to include the demand of electricity for:

  • Emergency system.
  • Server room, IT, Internet
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Elevator
  • Other hands-on room such as science laboratories, audiovisual rooms, nursing rooms, libraries
  • Staff’s offices
  • Corridor lighting
  • Dormitory in the same area.

Considering all this electricity demand. You may begin to see the actual demand for electricity. What’s more, is the need for backup power for activities that cannot tolerate power outages, such as alarm systems, passenger elevators, server rooms, then you need a generator that you can trust and trust. So that your school can operate continuously and have a safe environment that truly supports learning for students.

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