Powering telecoms is a multi-billion dollar industry that relies on constant innovation, pinpoint service delivery and ultra-reliable infrastructures to compete and win.

At the heart of this infrastructure is access to sustainable, resilient uninterruptible power. Cummins DKSH (Vietnam) is the Power Generation leader, keeping your customers connected and keeping you at the front.

Tower Above the Rest

What makes us uniquely qualified to meet your telecom needs? Our global network of experts and manufacturing locations and our knowledge of the telecom industry. Bottom line: Cummins DKSH (Vietnam) helps you achieve reliable uptime in even the most urban or remote settings.

These are all solutions we provided for your Telecom/IT business

  • Pre-integrated power systems
  • System design and engineering
  • Project management
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • Remote monitoring
  • Service and support

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Our Solutions
One stop for Cummins solutions in Vietnam

We provide full solutions for every need, from Goods: Diesel Engines for all applications, Power Generators covered variety of business type to aftermarket services: components, parts, consumables, repairing, PM, or annual overhaul. We are certified for global standards for our workshop, engineers, and technicians by Cummins. We are your power solutions partner that your business can rely on.