Why is the application so important?

Are you using the engine for the right application, or are you using
a modified engine to make it work?

As you may know, diesel engines come in various types, depending on the nature of the job (or application) you intend to use it for. So why is the application so crucial in selecting a suitable engine. Let’s look at a case study

Two customers require engines for their boats.

  • The similarity is that both are boats and involve water.
  • The difference lies in the application or how the engine will be used.

There is a Difference

👨🏻‍🦰Customer A: Wants an engine for a small yacht, emphasizing speed, used for leisure cruising. The boat owner or operator doesn’t know much about engines.

👨🏻‍🦱Customer B: Wants an engine for a large fishing boat, which operates slowly, carries heavy loads of seafood, pulls nets, and the onboard mechanic is familiar with and knowledgeable about engines.

It’s clear that the requirements, nature of the job, activities performed, and expertise of the crew are factors that affect the selection of engines because:

  • Yacht needs speed ≠ Fishing boats don’t need to go that fast.
  • Yacht don’t carry much load ≠ Fishing boats need to carry a lot of weight per round.

Moreover, The crew aboard yacht boats may lack familiarity with engines, so the boat needs an ECM or brain system to help monitor the engine’s condition to always stay optimal while it might not be necessary for fishing boats as there are skilled crew or even having enginr technicians on board on their daily operations.

Paying for a Marine Engines....must be sure to get the Genuine Ones

Why so?

  • Marine engines are usually installed in engine rooms or confined spaces, resulting in less efficient heat dissipation compared to land engines that have more space, air to help dissipate heat, and are dry. Genuine marine engines, therefore, need to have a specially designed Heat Exchanger system to control the engine temperature to work normally.
  • When there is water, genuine marine engines are designed to have Zinc Anodes that will allow corrosion to occur on the zinc anodes before other parts.

This illustrates why the application is crucial in selecting an engine and why our staff asks you in details….to give you the most suited and valued engine.


Moreover, since the “boat is in the water,” you must be very sure that you are paying for a genuine Marine Engine not an On-Highway engine that has been modified to “be forced to work as a Marine Engine” because once you set off to the deep sea or farway from people or any support on the shore there may also be force majeure events such as storms, waves, wind and heavey rain. It is important you can be able to ensure your Marine Engine can quickly get you ashore or move to a safer area and not going to extinguish in the middle of the way which may lead to any unexpected damages.

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