Nông nghiệp


Công suất

74 - 173 hp

55 - 129 kW

Mô-men xoắn

- lb-ft

0 - 0 N•m

Chứng chỉ


Ứng dụng


Now with more than 70% of each power unit pre-approved for installation, the simple integration process saves our customers’ time and resources.

Each Cummins power unit includes:

  • Cummins Stage V / Performance Series engine
  • Single Module™ aftertreatment (F3.8™ – L9™)
  • Radiator
  • Hoses
  • Air cleaner
  • Cooling system
  • Mounting feet

Cummins power units are customisable and aftertreatment systems can be provided mounted or unmounted, dependent on customer requirements.

From construction to mining, Cummins power units are performing in critical applications globally. As the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer Cummins works to ensure our power units are fully optimized to the duty cycle of our customers’ equipment – whether that’s a crusher, screener, drill or pump application.