Chữa cháy


Công suất

185 - 260 hp

138 - 194 kW

Mô-men xoắn

0 - 0 lb-ft

0 - 0 N•m

Chứng chỉ


Ứng dụng

Agriculture, Construction, Fire and Rescue, Pump

Nhận báo giá

The C8.3 is built to last, with a cast-iron unitized block with fewer parts than traditional diesel designs, fewer Cummins Pump Engine 6C8.3 joints and simplified maintenance. This block has been structurally reinforced to resist bending and torsion, eliminating 1 dBA of noise output.

Heavy-duty features include:

  •  Heavy-duty pistons with Ni-Resist inserts for longer life
  •  Mid-stop cylinder liners that reduce cavitation and improve rebuildability
  •  Plateau honing on the cylinder liners for near-perfect cylinder geometry, virtually eliminating oil consumption
  •  A robust Holset HX40 wastegated turbo with excellent low-end torque
  •  An in-line fuel pump that delivers higher injection pressures for cleaner combustion, more power and flexible fueling
  •  A helical gear train that operates smoother and quieter
  •  A proven design with millions of C Series engines in service everywhere around the world
Dòng động cơ


Cấu hình động cơ

Thẳng hàng, 6 xi lanh

Dung tích

8.3 L

Công suất (diesel)

185-260 HP

Công suất (gas)


Hút khí


Hệ thống nhiên liệu

Bơm phun trực tiếp

Kích thước (mm)

1128 x 749 x 1096

Trọng lượng (Kg)


Khí thải

Chưa được chứng nhận