Máy phát điện

X15 Efficiency Series (2020) - Thử nghiệm

Công suất

400 - 500 hp

298 - 373 kW

Mô-men xoắn

1450 - 1850 lb-ft

1966 - 2508 N•m

Chứng chỉ

EPA 2017

Ứng dụng

Agriculture, Construction, Defense, Mining Engines

The X15 is an efficient use of your money, with the best resale value of any engine in the industry. It all adds up to Total Cost of Ownership that puts your fleet miles ahead of the competition.

Lower RPM. Bigger Savings.

Cummins new EX ratings feature the Endurant™ transmission from the Eaton Cummins joint-venture. As part of the Cummins integrated power portfolio, the EX ratings leverage technological synergies to deliver high fuel economy and smooth operation with extended service intervals. Bundled hardware and software makes spec’ing easier and more time-efficient. The value that Cummins is bringing to the trucking industry goes well beyond engine hardware. Rookies drive like pros with the fuel saving technologies offered on the X15 Efficiency Series. The EX ratings are specifically designed for long-haul, cost-sensitive fleets. Advanced features make it easier for novices and experienced drivers alike to achieve not only the best fuel economy, but experience improved drivability and performance for better trip time and overall operational efficiency. Features that are exclusive to the X15 EX ratings include: Predictive Shifting, On-Ramp Boost, Predictive Braking and Dynamic Power. EX ratings require use of GPS data as well and pairing the X15 Efficiency Series with the Endurant transmission.
Mã lực

400-500 hp
298-373 kW

Mô men xoắn cực đại

1450-1850 lb-ft
1966-2508 N•m

Tốc độ được quản lý

1700 RPM

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